Book Design for HumanWorks Publishing

This book design project followed a series of well-planned steps during production. After reading the manuscript we started to work on the details – book size, font sizes, line spacing, margins and white space. Many of the same considerations we make for other graphic design projects.

Books however, do have their own special requirements. For instance, reading without eye-strain is important. As well , we design the information into smaller easy-to-read sections allowing for quick scans of the content. Plus we include our original infographics and small illustrations keeping it all interesting.

inside sample pages of book

Long-form book and report design is a specialty at SWCA. This book is 270 pages.

The book is an instructional reference book on teachers wellness

infographics being used in book

It is important in text heavy design that the information is broken down into smaller easy-to-read elements. Visual infographics are also a great help.


After the book was printed, SWCA produced the electronic book or e-Book version as well

Book design, print design, and e-Book design

There are many aspects to publishing a book. For instance, on this project SWCA also acted as consultants to locate and coordinate the the best printer for the job. As well, we also developed promotional “launch event” items to accompany the book at early events. Social media images and icons were also part of the project. More recently we also created the first version e-Book of The Well Teacher.

Humanworks Press declare The Well Teacher as “The most comprehensive source of teacher wellness-related information available today.”
Humanworks press was founded in 2018. This book is their first publication.

See more about the book here.

Editors note: This book project was a co-production managed by our parent company – Sheldan Studios